Monday, January 05, 2009

Painting me, eeerrr I mean the hallway

We painted the lounge/dining area just before Christmas and it's really annoyed me that when you look up the hallway, it's this bright yellow, which I am totally over - and doesn't look nice with the cream against it. Bunny has gone back to work today, so who knows how long it will be before I get some jobs done around the house again. I had a to do list for him which I could have written on a toilet roll, and he managed a few things on there, but there's still a loooooooonnnnnnggg way to go. So, after being inspired by my girlfriend who painted her own feature wall, I thought how hard can it be? I had helped before, surely I can undertake this on my own.

I have one coat on and it's almost ready to paint the second. I can't cut in to save myself so bought a thingamijiggie douverlaki which paints the edges nice and neatly. Only thing was it fell apart at once stage, and landed on me - better than the carpet, but I look like you could hide me in the hallway and never find me lol...... My dh paints and gets a few specks on him, I look like a living colour chart! My plan is to have it all done and surprise him when he gets home. I will finish in enough time to clean up (my equipment and myself).

I'm feeling good today, I headed out to the treadmill and jogged for 30 mins on 8.4km/hour. My short term goal is to get to 5km within the half hour. I currently do about 4.15km so will need to increase my speed, I don't want to increase the time. When I started on the treadie all those months ago, I was on 7.7km/hr so I have increased my speed. I was increasing it by .1 each week, but the weeks where I don't go on as often set me back a bit. Like last week, I had to slow down for a min and then go back to speed because it was so hot and I was struggling a bit. Today I did the whole half hour at one speed so that was good.

I received this today, and was very surprised and touched by the gesture.

Mmmm, it's not easy picking my favourite blogs. I follow 64 of them, and enjoy them all for one reason or another.

Rules: pick 5 blogs that you love or enjoy the most and pass along the award! It's that simple!

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I'll try and update later with photos and I still want to write down my goals for 2009.


T.T. Millers said...

My husband began a project over the holidays. He ripped up the carpeting from the 2nd floor hallway in order to install laminated wood flooring. He didn't bargain that the walls are not plum / straight. So he only got a few boards down before the curse words began to fly!! He never did get the project done!! :)

senovia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I know just how you feel about painting- I have done a few walls, but cutting in sucks (what kind of doo-hicky did you get?) and all of our main living space (13 walls- 11 of which you can see from one spot in my living room) are white. I have chosen 3 colors, I just have no idea which walls to paint what! ;)

Karen Barr said...

I tried to do something with the Blog Award, but sorry couldn't figure out what!! Good on you for painting, such a sense of satisfaction when you're done. Can't wait to see the photos.

Kerry said...

LOL about you matching in with the hallway - what a hoot that would've been. Good on you for getting in and giving it a go. I did it once and made a total mess of the wall. Thankfully it's been fixed up now. xx

Chris H said...

Why thank you for the award! Much appreciated, and I will eventually get around to forwarding it on! I'm useless that way!


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