Monday, January 12, 2009

It's only half past twelve, but I don't care, it's gotta be 5o'clock somewhere....

If there was a slack blogger award, I'm sure I'd win it. I haven't spent much time on the computer of late at all. I haven't edited my movies, I haven't edited my photos. I have had too many other things to do.

On Wednesday, I headed out to visit my girlfriend and ended up spending the day with her. We get along so well, and really should spent more time together, but it always seems our schedules are so full that getting together other than on a Friday night is a rarity. Hence the title of my blog. It wasn't half past twelve but shortly after 11 when Karen asked if it was too early for a glass of wine! Hell no! It's gotta be wine o'clock somewhere. Then I thought about the Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet song - which could have been our background music lol. We sipped on wine, ate crackers and cheese and just chilled out while the kids played. We had lunch and then spent some time on her dh's mac while I gave her a crash course in bloglines. I left after 3pm to pick up Billy-Joe who had slept over at a freind's house the night before. I couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone. Mickey and Sammy had a fabulous tie playing in Karens' kids' new cubby house - which could easily be an extension for my house lol.

Thursday, was grocery day. I did the groceries and picked out Billy-Joe's stationery and also picked up Sammy and Mickey's books.

I made a homemade pesto sauce for our dinner. It was absolutely delicious. I will have to update my recipe blog with the recipe.

Friday was a nice day, although packed full yet again. I was motivated to do lots of things, but had to restrict it to what I needed to get done. My highlight was a visit from Suzy. We spent a few hours together catching up from her holiday and just talking about all things computer. She is my Godsend when it comes to all things technical, because she's the only girl I know IRL who shares my passion for the computer, and photography.

When she left I fed the kids and did some last minute touches to my notes for my class tomorow then we ducked out to get a birthday present for a party that Mickey was attending on Saturday. I also got some boxes for the new Lego blocks and some coathangers which I desperately needed. When I got home I showered and got ready to go out to scrapbooking. It was so nice catching up with Barbi again who was very excited about the prospect of a 7 night break coming up on the Sunday. In all the years of the store, she's never had 7 consecutive days and nights off!! She so deserves it, and I hope she has a wonderful time and comes back relaxed and rejuvenated. She normally things about new ideas for the store, so it will be exciting to see what she comes back with. I stayed until just after midnight and then came home and had to have yet another attempt at fixing my powerpoint presentation for my camera class tomorrow. I think I've finally worked out that while copy and paste works with putting images in my powerpoint and is viewable on the mac, in order for it to render without the horrid red x on the computer at the store, I need to 'insert' the image and make sure it's a low res image too.

I got up in the morning and felt quite sick - always nervous before my class. I'd driven home the night before with a flat tyre. I didn't know it was flat, because it just sounded like my door wasn't shut properly. Fortunately I only live close, but I wasn't stopping to check out the outside of my car for anybody. I shone my torch on it when I got home and my heart sank when I saw the tyre deflated. Bunny tried to fix it for me so I could take myself to my class, but the wheel wouldn't budge. So by the time I got to the store, my heart was pounding!! The class went well, it was large with 7 participants. I neglected to make sure that no-one had Olympuses, so that oversight, caused me some grief as the booklet which comes in the box is as good as useless. This will not happen to me again. I would always remind people, but I just didn't think. I don't see many Olympuses in my classes and I'd just cleaned forgotten. The lady was fine about it, and she had my notes to use, and things she needed to look up when she got home. I've rung her and offered some one on one time, if she needs it - hopefully her dh is better at passing on messages than mine. I had Barbi's daughter and my niece in the class was too - which was great as they could work together. I was exhausted when I got home, I showerd and then didn't leave my recliner much for the rest of the evening. The kids had pizza for dinner, we had Noodles from the take away shop and we were in bed at 9.30pm - most unusual for us on a Saturday night.

Sunday, I headed out to the treadmill, for the first time since Tuesday. My intention of going on every day, had gone out the window. I did okay, but my breathing needs work. In the afternoon we headed out to spend the afternoon with my parents. The kids had a ball in the pool and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and evening chatting.

Today, I had plans of doing heaps but have been rather lazy. Well, not quite lazy, I did three loads of washing, treadmill, weights, tidied, dusted, made pizza scrolls for kids for lunch - recipe will be on blog later.

Must go and cook dinner now - and finish bringing washing in. I have to make a to do list......can't be this lazy tomorrow.


t.t. millers said...

Pool! OMG! Pool! It is so cold here right now, I can only dream of warm weather and swimming in a pool! I cannot wait for the warm weather to be here. Sadly, I have to wait until June! UG!

t.t. millers said...

I have something for you on my blog.


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