Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Started the work week off well. I had a good day today, teaching wise - mind you I use that term loosely, because after all the toileting, feeding, changing nappies, there's not much time at all left for teaching. Two of my four kids were tube fed, and one needed hand over hand assistance. I had one kid who could do for himself.  I first met this child two years ago and was happy to see how much he had progressed.  

On another note, my leg is giving me grief. I am taking panadol four hourly and that just gets me through the day. The only reason I am on the 'puter now, and not doing chores, is that my leg has simply had enough for today. It aches continuously. The outside of the top of my thigh feels so badly bruised, it hurts to touch on the outside, but the bruise feels like it goes to the bone.  It's definitely not getting any better, and in the last couple of days has gotten worse.  I have a specialist appointment on Friday - not that I am holding my breathe for any answers.  

Kids had their athletics carnival today and did really well. (As long as I discount the fact that Sammy lost his hat - the second one in three weeks - and this is after a long lecture this morning, about where the hat MUST go when it's not on his head!!).  Mickey came first, Sammy came second and Billy-Joe got a third and a fourth....  They had a great day - they obviously don't get their athletic prowess from their mother!!

Curried lamb with pumpkin and spinach for dinner tonight, should be yummy.  

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