Monday, July 14, 2008

My little cherubs - NOT today.

It's the last day of the school holidays for us. The rushing, chaos, and stress levels start to rise again in earnest early tomorrow morning. It's been a great fortnight - very relaxing and I am ready to face the term head on.  Luckily for me I have worked teed up for the rest of this week, and hopefully next week too - so that's awesome news.  It's close to home, so that's even better. The pay won't be huge, but I am not in a position to knock back a short contract, and I don't mind the short ones where the light at the end of the tunnel shines rather brightly.

My three sons, are currently sitting on the lounge - no TV, no computer, no playstation, no gameboy!!!  The lady from two doors down came to the front door and let me have it. She just yelled at me about my kids!!  Apparently my cherubs have been up to their old tricks of putting sticks in her letterbox and calling out to her. This lady was not happy and neither was I. So the kids had to apologize to her, and were incredibly ashamed when they came inside. That mood will no doubt continue as they get used to having all their play things taken off them!!  It really annoys me that they have been so stupid.  I know kids are kids, but they are generally kind hearted but something about this lady has made them annoy her. She is a grumpy lady, (so would I be if my kids were harassing me like that!!) and I think they felt like they could annoy her..........  I think they have learnt their lesson. They know that kind of behaviour is just not acceptable, no matter how grumpy or mean they deem the recipient to be.  Ah parenthood, the joys.  Wait until Dear Bunny finds out, he is not going to be impressed.  Ah well, hopefully they will have learnt their lesson this time.  No more sticks in the letterbox, no more throwing stones, no more running down near her yard...... no more being painful! Will post again when I have more time DB has arrived home for dinner.

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Chris H said...

Ahhh the little buggers, they must dislike that lady very much! Maybe she has been nasty to them before and they are just retaliating? Ya never know! Or maybe they are just getting bored, holidays can drag after a while.


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