Monday, December 10, 2007

Visit to Santa

I am so lucky, that my three boys are still ardent believers of Santa.

I'll be back later with a photo. There's got to be a way of resizing the image for uploading.

Worked it out, thanks to a widget that does the resizing for me.

My beautiful boys with the lovely Santa at Myer. The photo isn't perfectly edited - am eager awaiting the release of Photoshop Elements 6 (for Mac) early next year before I can do much on them again. I can use the kids' computer, (my old one) if I get desperate.....

1 comment:

Chris H said...

They are beautiful Jenny... for now! Enjoy them , before the bloody hormones kick in! Take it from someone who knows having had 3 daughters and 3 sons already go through teenage years. I am crying thinking about having to do it all again with Brylee and Griffin... really!


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