Monday, December 03, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly.

I will start on the negative aspects of this post, as in the timeline of events, plus I like to finish on a positive note.

My teaching contract is up at the end of the year. I have enjoyed the security of knowing that I am to work two days per fortnight, with a set income I can count on, and when I do relief days it's the cream on top. I also knew that may not be renewed next year, but I was hopeful. If a contract is renewed, we get paid for holidays, which is fantastic. Alas, the contract was not renewed, so my income will cease over the holidays. That in itself is a concern, as I have averaged around $700 per fortnight, and that will go down to zero. Thank goodness for Centrelink. I have already paid ahead my utilities and some other payments, so that things are diabolical over the Christmas break. I hate not having any money - and I enjoy being independent and never having to ask dh for any money. Our incomes are kept separate with each our own responsibilities and spending money. This suits me very well. I was bitten badly with money in marriage #2 and really appreciate the ability to manage my own income....... This is all well and good for most of the year, just at Christmas time, it becomes a real issue. And, as no teachers are sick early in the term, it tends to continue till nearly Easter.................

So, as I said, I wasn't too shattered when I found this out, but what I was really pissed off about, was the fact that I wasn't told to my face. I actually read the finer points of the classes appointments for next year, (of which I would have been the choice) in the school newsletter and in a letter handed out to parents which I quickly perused before giving out to the kids!!! I came home on Friday night feeling quite low, and very much taken for granted. That emotion compounded with my feeling on Saturday morning that I was a single mother with three boys..........only exacerbated my feelings of being taken for granted. Dh came home and I said and chatted to him, and, as always felt much better. I am not taken for granted at home, but I just don't think anyone really knows what goes into making the home clean and comfortable. I seem to spend hours, and there's not much pay off at the end. Billy-Joe helps which is fantastic, and he knows that things aren't easy to do, so there's a healthy respect there now for what I actually do. The little ones are still in training, but they keep their rooms fairly respectable at all times, so no complaints there......

I know the nature of my job is thus
* haven't done country service so don't expect a permanent position on the coast EVER!
* if I put my name down at several schools I would have more work than I could do
* I don't cope with going to a new school at the drop of the hat. The ferals give me the irrits and I hate not knowing where everything is, and being on duty when you don't know exactly where to go, and the kids don't listen to you anyway
* It's just the nature of my job and I should just accept it.
* I get great money for being on call
* I get a little job satisfaction
* For relief days, I have no assessment or reporting, or planning

Okay, onto the positive aspects of my post.

I sold my stove!!!! Thanks to Michelle (private blog) who helped me give my listing a bit more pizazz and she also sat through the watching and waiting till the very end. I went out this morning to drop the kids at school and do a quick errand, when I came home and checked, I nearly fell off my chair............ They had gone beserk!! I got $420 for it, which Michelle pointed out, is what I initially wanted, plus it covers the useless ads in the paper and trading post. I am really pleased. Peter is giving it the once over tomorrow so it's spotless for the pick up. The inside looks great, the outside just needs another good wipe over........... Michelle and her advice and this great sale, has given me the confidence to put the kids' cot onto Ebay as well. I won't ever use the paper again. I have a heap of scrapbooking stuff I want to sell. That's very time consuming though, as it's all bits and pieces.

Chrisco arrived today, and I am happy with what I ordered. Having said that it was a bit like Christmas because I forgot what I ordered. There's enough frozen fish, and kids' quick meals to see us well and truly over Christmas and beyond. A lot of the stuff I don't buy during the year, so it's truly a treat. The tricky part was finding room for all the stuff. I reduced the amount of my order this year, thank goodness I did, as my freezers and pantry is full!!!


Chris H said...

Negative side... well I am sure you will pick up plenty of temp jobs next year and the money is great too! Shame the present school did not think to tell you they were not renewing your contract that is just not nice.
Positive side...Ya for selling things on EBay (over here we have TradeMe) and Chrisco sounds neat.

Michelle said...

Twas a pleasure watching your stove, Jenny! Mostly because I know you, but also because I felt partly responsible for a good outcome since I suggested eBay in the first place, I felt the adrenaline rush in the last few minutes of the auction. Well done!

Good luck with the cot! The key to getting a good price is to look at cots selling in your area and assess your starting bid (aka the minimum you'll accept to let go of it) in comparison.

Also - a picture SELLS a thousand cots. If most people are like me, they look at what's in the background of the picture to judge the seller to some extent.

I did it on purpose to place my Weber on the balcony, with very healthy geraniums on one side and a very nice Aussie flag in the background. That stuff really is on my balcony, but the BBQ wasn't when I had to take pictures. What's more Aussie/summertime than a BBQ? See where I'm going with that? Try to give some ambiance - makes a big difference.

The first picture is free - every other one costs 25 cents. If you post three good pics from different angles, it only costs 50 cents extra and it really does make a difference in how many buyers you attract.

As for your scrapbooking stuff - since it's all bits and pieces - the easiest (and cheapest) thing to do is to bundle things up. So, let's say, 25 sheets displayed fan-like in the same tones, plus a glue stick and picture corners to match for X amount.

You get the idea... Once you've sold a few things, you'll be wandering around the house thinking what else you can get rid of!

Glad it all went well! The best part about it? You don't have to tell Centrelink a THING!


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