Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weekend @ Daisy's

A fun weekend was had scrapbooking away. Those who don't scrapbook, can't quite comprehend that we can actually spend the entire weekend scrapping. Mind you there's a lot of sociaizing, eating, drinking, chatting going on too.

I didn't stay at the motel this time, I came home to sleep. Thankfully I only live 2 mins away from the store. I got there latish on Friday as I still had Mickey home, and had to wait for Peter to come home. Thank goodness Mickey had turned a corner that day, and was feeling much better. The kids and Peter were off to the fete that night. I'm so lucky the retreat's always scheduled for that weekend...............

As usual I took ages to settle in and start scrapbooking seamlessly. I always spend the first night sitting there looking at my work and procrastinating. By Sunday I'm on a roll and don't want to stop. There were classes, a christmas bauble thing, and a christmas book, I got the stuff but didn't do the classes - once I found my mojo I wasn't stopping for anybody. I took ages to make the Christmas tree, because I stuffed up and had to fix my mistake. Suzy took great pleasure in telling me the ladies in the class finished it in half the time lol........ I wonder if there's is as beautiful as mine!!!

The theme for the retreat was Christmas at Daisy's, hence the Christmas head pieces in the photo. I hate dressing up and put the head band on only for the shot. I always end up with a huge headache within about ten minutes of even wearing a headband, so I wasn't going to persist with the crown.

Sammy and Mickey, my journalling on the back says I am not sure when this was taken, it's either Easter or Fathers' Day this year. I love this photo - those boys are just beautiful, the photo gladdens my heart. I write on the back of many of my layouts, and have told the children, so that one day down the track, probably when I'm gone, hopefully they'll remember that I write on the backs of my layouts. These are my legacy for my boys.
Mickey and his good friend Kye. They had a great time this afternoon. They got into a huge fight too, would you believe Mickey got stuck into Kye, because Kye his Sammy ........even though we don't condone hitting, I thought it was pretty special that my young son would turn on his best friend to protect his older brother - what loyalty. Like good friends should, they hugged and made up and played the rest of the afternoon without incident. Two passionate boys, there are bound to be fireworks ocassionally.
Some little shots of our Caloundra week.
Fishing and kayaking on Golden Beach.
Me, Barbi, Suzy and Janelle, holding Santa, so we could be silly like those photos where the person lies across the front...........

My Christmas Tree advent calendar made as per Suzy's instructions and a class she did a few weeks ago, that I couldn't make. I love it, and think it's an elegant replacement for the felt countdown I currently have.


Chris H said...

Oh I think your Xmas tree is just beautiful...maybe cos it's pink! I love pink at the moment, must be going through a real "girl" stage!

Tina said...

You are so clever with your scrapbooking. I admire people who can do this because I am not crafty at all.

Sounds like you had a great time.


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