Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The week that is

Today is another day looking after my youngest. Mickey has been ill since Friday night - and this has really knocked him, I have never ever had him this sick before. I took him to the doctor on Sunday who found nothing untoward, so we came home to continued high temperatures and more lethargy and general unwellness. His visits to the toilet weren't frequent, but were very very runny. On Tuesday I took him back to the doctor and because he gagged so hard when the doctor checked his throat, it gave the doctor a good look at his tonsils and he diagnosed tonsillitis. Yesterday afternoon, after one dose of antibiotics and a dose of Nurofen, (quite frankly I think the panadol I had been giving him did diddly squat) he perked up a bit and even played a game of Snakes and Ladders with Billy-Joe. He even ate some tea, which was great to see. It's now nearly midday and he has lain around all morning. He is cold so I have covered him lightly, his temp isn't too bad. I hope he can go to school tomorrow, so I can do all my normal things.

Then I got a fright last night when Billy-Joe's asthma took a turn for the worst. I was within minutes of calling an ambulance or taking him to casualty. Actually if it happens next time, I would probably opt for the ambulance. I have done a few mercy dashes to the hospital and they aren't the wisest way of getting there, although given our proximity, probably the quickest.

Peter is having a routine colonoscopy tomorrow, so I will take him down and then go and have some photos developed. I had given him a good hit of seretide, plus a dose of prednisone. Fortunately the ventolin gave him some relief. Poor boy looks like the wreck of the hesperus
but was determined to go to school as the local state school is holding a concert and he was looking forward to going.

Last night was interesting, as Billy-Joe took ages to go to sleep and then because he had drunk copious amounts of water, had several trips to the toilet and then Mickey was unsettled because he couldn't sleep because he had a long and late afternoon nap, so it was well after midnight before everyone was settled enough that I could doze off.

No prizes for guessing where I was for a few hours this morning. I did my chores and hit my bed - just bliss. Tomorrow is busy, Friday is a work day and the scrapbooking retreat means there will be two very late nights, so I needed to catch up somewhere.

My new ipod arrived last night. It's pretty cool. It's so good having it back and I was dreading the set up, but it was a breeze, so much easier than the old one.

I ordered a new printer the other night...........oooohhh those tantalizing 'buy' buttons. I had just paid to have my print head cleaned plus had to replace cartridges which were brand new...........and have to buy a new machine anyway. I was so peeved that I had even bought the second last lot of ink, that would have gone 3/4 of the way to a new printer. It's done a lot of printing for me, and is over four years old, so it hasn't done too badly with the amount of work it has done.

I have bought this one.

I can't wait. I bought it from here. They only charged $10 freight and I bought 500 sheets of high quality Epson paper too.

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Chris H said...

OOO how awful, having ill kids! I do hope they are both ok now and you can get back to the norm.


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