Monday, May 28, 2007

Flat Days

I don't hate hate them as much as I used to. Simply because they aren't as frequent, nor do they last as long. Probably what annoys me the most, is that I never know why this happens. I get this sick feeling in my stomach and I just want to stay really quiet.

The kithen renos are going well, although it's a little stressful in that, it's getting closer and I am still hoping everything fits. I am worried about whether a new dining table will fit into the area. The dining room is going to be longer, but not wider. I know that longer tables are generally wider too. I am going to talk to Paul Bell today about whether we can crib some room from the width of the kitchen. I also am having a slight apprehension with the rangehood I bought. Does it vent out through the wall? Because it has to! Kleenmaid sales people don't start until 10am, so I am waiting for a call back from them.

I felt great on Saturday, very upbeat and happy. Woke up yesterday and felt flat! It didn't help by the fact that I shut my fingers into the car door, and just smashed two acrylic nails. One quite badly, as it went right down to the nail bed, the pain is quite severe, I can't put any pressure on the end of the nail. Thankfully my nail technicial is a lovely girl and fitted me in first up this morning. I should have done the gym, but I just wanted to get home.

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