Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Term 4

It's term 4 and I have no set days to work this term. I am a little excited but very scared about that state of affairs. I am down to do supply work at my school, and decided that I wouldn't do anything else. TRACER rang me this morning to confirm my details, and I have said I am available every day!!!!! My heart was racing,I felt ill...........for about five minutes after the call, I felt dreadful. How am I going to feel when they actually ring me??? I have a strategy - ring Bunny!!!! I am so lucky that he is so supportive of me working and so helpful at home. I couldn't do this without his help and his being able to come home at the drop of a hat.

Mum and Dad are closeby and always ready to take Mickey, so that's a huge help and a big weight off my mind too.

I wish I didn't react so physiologically to big changes in my life!!!

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