Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Birthday time

It's birthday time again in the household. We started with Dad's birthday last week, it's Mickey's today and Billy-Joe's in a few weeks time. I have been on holidays for the last week and a half, and I have spent most of the time cooking and baking, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. For tomorrow we are going to enjoy homemade sausage rolls, homemade caramel slice, apricot and walnut cake, delicious sandwiches, dips, cheese, chocolate biscuits and a mud cake as the birthday cake. I have included some healthy options for me, as I don't want to just eat fattening things. I have been overdoing it a bit of late, so I want to be careful and not go completely overboard.

Next week, when school goes back, it's back to eating properly. I'd like to fit in some exercise into my regime too, I will have to think about that one. As I am only working six days a fortnight, I should be able to fit it in, although I only have the Tuesday without Mickey at home...

It's state of origin night tonight, so I am home alone........... It's actually Mickey's birthday today, but he doesn't know it!!!! Dear husband decided that the footy game was more important, so we have deferred Mickey's birthday supper to tomorrow night. We had to tell middle ds that it's the 5th July tomorrow, the eldest son, I actually explained what we we were doing. Gosh I feel awful, but this way everyone is happy. Mickey will no doubt understand when he is older, as he will probably be football mad too.

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