Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is the glass half full?

It's Sunday evening, just after half past five! Over the weekend I
* worked a seven hour shift on Friday night after a full day at work
* hung out washing, made beds, washed morning dishes
* went shopping for new books for work
* spent five hours doing paperwork
* watched "Bridget Jones's Diary"
* Hung up washing, and took down washing
* ironed week's clothes
* tidied house
* made beds
* did six hours paperwork

I spent yesterday morning, feeling quite shitty..................I want to do everything, and I want it done right! Why cant' a man see when things need doing? Why does a man let a child go outside and play in an ironed pair of shorts??? Why does a man not notice when children are wearing their good shoes while playing outside? Why does a man let said children walk in with said dirty shoes???

Ahhhhh shheeeeetttt!!!!! Maybe I expect too much. I hate being critical all the time, but I really think that living in damage control mode, saves alot of time in the long run. I think the problem, though, is that the only person who it actually saves time and money is that's why I am the only one pedantic about all the little things..........

Now getting back to whether the glass is half full or half empty. I could look over my weekend's accomplishments and feel a smug sense of achievement couldn't I? I could think I have done a shitload of work, and I am tired, but not exhausted. Nervous about the week ahead but not fretting. Apprehensive about the challenge ahead, but no longer overwhelmed!

I want to work this term and I want to do it well, I know I am capable of good things if I only set my mind to it. I want to do my utmost to give these kids a great term. I want them to see me in the future and come up to me and tell me about their lives, because they miss having me everyday. I want my colleagues to look upon me as someone who is a wortwhile team player, someone who is grateful for their help and also supportive in return. I want the school to think of me as a valuable member of their staff for in the future too.

Why does writing this down always give one a sense of peace.......

I am sitting down, with a glass of wine, enjoying the rest of the evening and looking forward to the week ahead.

The glass is half full..........

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